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With offices in Layton and Farmington, Utah, our team consists of highly qualified physicians and experienced staff to ensure we provide the highest quality of care to our participants and pristine data to our sponsors and clients to maintain the integrity of our trials.  Patient safety is our number one priority. 


Who We Are

Alpine Research Organization is an independent research site that was founded in 2007 and has conducted clinical trials in cardiology, family practice, ophthalmology, nephrology, psychiatry/mental health,  metabolism and endocrinology.


What We Do

As a team we work together to conduct phase 2-4 clinical trials with pharmaceutical companies big and small.  It starts with recruiting and enrolling qualified candidates.  Visits to the clinic will vary depending on the protocol and treatment indication.  Patient and client satisfaction is of utmost importance and our dedicated research team is committed to provide a positive experience and reliable data.

No insurance is needed.  All study visits, medical procedures and medication are provided at no cost.  Study participants may be compensated for time and travel.    

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Our Team


Diverse and Experienced

Our team includes staff and physicians from various research experience backgrounds.  With our combined knowledge and diverse skills we strive to provide our clients with an exceptional research experience and reliable data.

Eric Mansell, BS, Owner, CEO

Eric has been involved with Clinical research since 1998 and opened Alpine Research Organization in 2007.  He has successfully conducted over 100 clinical trials and works closely with local physicians, specializing in cardiology trials.  

Eric has extensive knowledge of the research industry and plans to expand Alpine in 2019 to include a new in-patient facility and several new specialty providers and experienced staff. 

Amy Kenley, CCRP, LPRT, Owner, CFO

Amy has over 15 years of directing the over-all operations of a clinical research site such as:  clinical development, contracts and budgets, coordinating, managing staff, recruitment, data management, and investigator compliance.  

Amy has worked hard to develop close relationships and connections with colleagues in the industry.  This includes being a member of the Clinical Advisory Boards for several reputable pharmaceutical companies and sharing her knowledge at annual research conferences.

Kristi Van Dyke, MA, CCRC, Director of Clinical Operations and Training

Kristi has worked in the research industry since 2002 and has worked in all Phases of clinical research, specializing in the clinical operations of in-patient, early development trials and coordinator management. 

Kristi has held many positions in research with her main focus on training, OSHA and GCP compliance, project management, quality assurance and the supervision of clinical staff. 


  • Nicole L Goldberg, MA, CRC
  • Stephanie Y. Rodriguez, CRC
  • Carson Espinoza, CRC  

Our coordinators are knowledgeable and dedicated to providing exceptional care to study participants while collecting clean and reliable data for our sponsors. 

The Clinical Research Coordinators keep our trials running and are an integral part of our team.

Data Management

  • Courtney VanDerVeen, Data Coordinator

Courney is responsible for entering all clinical data in a timely manner with extreme accuracy.  

The Data Coordinator is also responsible for ensuring that source documents are accurately created and reflect the protocol requirements. 

Did You Know?



Before a medication can be approved by the FDA it must go through 4 stages of clinical trials.  Prior to human participation, a safety phase is completed in the lab.  This is called "preclinical". This must be done prior to Phase 1 initiation.  Please see the slide to the left for Phase 1-4 details.


Participant Safety Comes First

Medical research and development teams are required to follow strict rules to make sure that participants are safe.  These rules are enforced by the Federal Government.  Each clinical trial also follows a careful study plan or protocol that describes what the researchers will do.  The principal investigator, or head researcher, is responsible for making sure that the protocol is followed.

An Institutional Review Board, or IRB, at each study site must approve every clinical trial in the United States.  An IRB is made up of doctors, scientists, and lay people, like yourself, who are dedicated to making sure that the study participants are not exposed to unnecessary risks.  Members of an IRB regularly review the study and its results. They make sure that risks (or potential harm) to participants are as low as possible.


You Can Make a Difference

 “We need to spread the word about the value of participating in clinical trials,” says Dr. Collins. “Signing up for a clinical trial may benefit medical research and help future generations. But it is not strictly an altruistic endeavor.  In many instances, trial participants do gain personal advantages, such as improved disease outcomes or better health.”


Francis S. Collins, M.D., Ph.D., 

Director of the National Institutes of Health

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